Letter to the Editor

Local Syracuse resident upset by lack of data in East neighborhood article

I found the article “A home of their own: University-area neighborhoods see increase in landlord-owned houses” to be erroneous and just poorly reported. Generalizations and untruths in the articles such as “the few residents on the street who own the home they live in,” “the number of owner-occupied homes in the East neighborhood has declined recently,”  Ms. Raulli is “one of few local residents in the East neighborhood,” “The Raullis are among the few residents on the street who own the home they live in” and “Livingston  Avenue has reached a crucial tipping point in the balance between owner-occupied and landlord-owned homes …” were not supported by one single piece of data or research.

I’ve lived on Livingston Avenue for 26-plus years and the effect of some inconsiderate partiers and apathetic landlords has been better and it has been worse. But there continues to be lots of owner occupants and families on our block, and throughout the East neighborhood. Writing that there are few left is totally inaccurate. Yes, we remain vigilant and demand civility, enforcement of laws and codes, and most of us still enjoy the diversity, proximity and beauty of our neighborhood.

Stewart Koenig
Syracuse, N.Y.

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