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SU averages 40 to 50 flu cases per day

Meghan Hendricks | Asst. Photo Editor

Allen Groves reported that the university has administered around 10,000 flu shots to the student population.

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Allen Groves, Syracuse University’s senior vice president for the student experience, reported on a collection of health issues at the university during Wednesday’s University Senate meeting.

Groves called the flu an emerging issue of great concern for SU. Typically for college campuses, the flu spikes in January and February, he said. 

“What’s very unusual about this fall is that the spike is happening now,” he said. “The (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is now going to assist the University of Michigan, which has had a very unusual spike in flu cases early on. We too have had a spike in cases.”

Groves said SU is averaging 40 or 50 flu cases a day.


“You’re seeing 102-, 103-degree fevers. You’re seeing a lot more serious symptoms consistent with a pretty difficult flu,” he said.

Groves announced that the university is working with state health authorities to help understand what strain of flu is going around campus. He reiterated that this spike is a strain of the flu and not COVID-19.

Just like the COVID-19 vaccines though, Groves said that it takes 14 days after being vaccinated for a person to be protected against the flu.  

SU Chancellor Kent Syverud also spoke about the flu during the meeting.

While last year’s amount of flu was historically low due to COVID-19 precautions, this year’s flu season is poised to be a challenging one, Syverud said.

“It’s critically important that everyone do their part to lessen the impact of the flu,” Syverud said. “The Barnes Center continues to hold vaccination clinics, and it’s still open for appointments.”

Groves also reported that the university has administered around 10,000 flu shots to the student population. 

“Know that we’re watching this very, very closely,” he said.

Along with providing information about the flu, Groves gave an update on mental health facilities. He said there have been around 4,800 visits to SU’s Counseling Center at the Barnes Center at The Arch this semester.

“That’s a great number because it shows that students are putting up their hand when they need that assistance, and they’re getting the help they need,” Groves said.

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